Join the Savante Community and grow your consulting business!


We are building a community of experts who could give advice, counsel, guidance to consumers seeking online assistance and we are inviting professionals to offer their consultation service to potential clients from across the country. We provide you a platform to share your expertise with people seeking assistance from the convenience of their home. You can earn an income working online from any location you choose. You can accept clients from your local area or from anywhere. You set your own schedule and hourly rate.

Savante offers you the tools you need for your consulting business: provider listing, private messaging, appointment scheduling, video conferencing services, easy payment transactions and an opportunity to reach out to a vast audience. To perform your online consultation, you will need a quiet, well lit place, an Internet connection, and a computer or tablet with a webcam.

The Savante Community is aimed at providing online professional services to consumers, and we are welcoming experts in the following fields to sign up:

1. Health: Doctor, Mental Health Expert, Nutritionist, etc.
2. Legal: Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Notary, etc.
3. Technology: IT Consultant, Technician, Mechanic, etc.
4. Fitness: Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports Coach, etc.
5. Finance: Accountant, Investment Advisor, Tax Consultant, etc.
6. Education: Language Teacher, Math Tutor, Music Teacher, etc.
7. Home: Master Chef, Interior Decorator, DIY Instructor, etc.
8. Lifestyle: Fashion Advisor, Makeup Artist, Life Coach, etc.

Consultants should be comfortable speaking one-on-one with individuals through a private online video session. As someone who may have a profound influence on a client, fidelity and having the client's best interests in mind is critical. Important personal skills include being polite, professional and positive.

If you already have an independent consulting business with on-site clients from your local area, you can leverage the Savante platform to reach out to online clients from anywhere. If you need a flexible work schedule, prefer to work from home, are seeking a remote job or want to telecommute, think about listing your consultation service on Our platform can kickstart things for you with just a 10-15 minute sign up process.

Clients who are seeking assistance will browse your provider listing and book an appointment with you through your online calendar. Once you accept the booking, a Zoom meeting link is sent to you and your client. After the appointment is over, you and the client can leave a review for each other. Within a few days, a payment is made into your bank account for the booking - minus a modest commission of 15% that allows us to maintain the platform and spend money on advertising your service.

By listing your consulting service on our platform, you will be able to grow your client base and consulting business over time. There is no cost and no obligation to post your provider listing. Your availability can be adjusted to whatever fits your personal schedule and you will be notified by email when you have a booking, so you don’t have to wait around for an appointment. And you can choose to accept or refuse any incoming booking in case you have other priorities.

Please note that at this time, the secure Stripe payment service that we use is limited to about 45 countries listed here: Stripe Global. You may be able to get around this limitation by opening a free Wise bank account in either the US, UK or Europe. Payments from Savante can then be transferred to your local bank account. You will not be able to create a provider listing if you do not have a bank account in one of the listed countries.

Instructions for creating a provider listing are located here: Create Listing

We look forward to seeing you provider listing go live and will work to ensure your success. Welcome to the Savante Community!