How to Sign Up and Create a Provider Profile

Below are instructions for how to create a Provider profile and list your consultation service:

1. You should have the following information ready before creating your Provider profile:
    a. Some photos of yourself and the service you offer
    b. Personal banking information
    c. Social security number
    d. A Zoom account. If you don’t have one already, create a free account at:

2. Click here to begin the profile creation process: Sign Up

3. Take a look at the “Terms and Conditions” and enter the information requested in this form. Click “Sign up” when done.


4. You will receive a verification email. Click on the link in the email to verify your email account.


5. Head back to the "Create provider profile" page and complete the requested information. Fully describe your service offering and take as much space as you need. Click the “Next” button to proceed through each step below.


6. Choose the Service category appropriate to your service offering and provide a brief name for your listing.


7. Select the languages you can speak fluently. If it is not in the list, you can type in the section “Other language(s)”.


8. Enter your address. Your exact location is not displayed on the map but within a 1000m circle. The address can always be updated if you happen to move or are travelling.


9. Enter your hourly rate (all price in USD).


10. Set your availability by clicking on “Edit”. Set your time zone and hours available for each day of the week. You can set multiple blocks of time for each day by clicking “Add another”. This allows you to take lunch breaks and block out periods you are not available. The “Save schedule” button will be green when there are no outstanding time slots to fill. Click it when done. Add “exceptions” for days you are not available, such as upcoming holidays.


11. Upload a few photos depicting your service offering. These photos look best if you choose ones that are in landscape mode. You can place a photo of yourself in the "User Profile" section later. After uploading your photos, click the “Proceed/Publish" button to continue to the payout information.


12. Next you will be asked to fill in your “Payout” information. Currently the Stripe payment service is only available in approximately 45 countries. See this list to see if you qualify: Stripe Global. Click on the “Stripe Connected Account Agreement” for detailed information on the service. Click “Save details” when done.


13. Click on the “Get verified” button to verify your identity.


14. Fill in the requested information accurately and click “Next”.


15. Review the information then click “Submit”.


16. You will be taken back to the login page. Enter your login information.


17. You will be taken back to the “edit profile” page. Click the “Proceed/Publish” button to complete the signup process and publish your listing so it is viewable by the public.


18. You can now see what your listing looks like. Click on the “Edit” button on the top right if you need to make any changes.


19. You will now need to connect your Zoom account to your profile. Follow the instructions here for how to do this: Zoom Connection