Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Savante?

Answer: Savante gives you the ability to book an appointment with professionals from anywhere in your city, state or country. Save on travel and get the help you need from the convenience of your home.

How can I get more information about the service offered by the professional before I book an appointment?

Answer: You can use our messaging service to ask the provider for more information before booking. Click on the "Contact" link right below a provider’s name.

Is the consultation fee negotiable?

Answer: The consultation fee is set by the professional and not negotiable.

When do I have to pay?

Answer: Your credit card is debited when you book the appointment. All transactions are in US Dollars.

What if I cannot make the appointment?

Answer: If you cannot make the appointment due to circumstances beyond your control, message your professional at least 12hrs in advance to reschedule. The provider will contact us to cancel the appointment. A future platform update will allow users and providers to cancel appointments.

What should I have ready for the online appointment?

Answer: Choose a quiet room with good lighting. Make sure you have a good Internet connection and that your computer or personal device has audio/video functionality. Open your calendar/email app and click on the conference link to begin the video conference. Clients can use a mobile phone and choose not to share their video. Professionals, however, should use a stationary computer, laptop or tablet and always share their video.

What is the service fee charged to professionals?

Answer: Professionals are charged a 15% service fee for each transaction. This fee covers the costs of running the platform, advertising and paying our employees. The remaining amount is credited to your bank account via the Stripe payment service within seven days of the completed appointment.

Why do providers have to enter their bank account information?

Answer: The Savante platform is integrated with the Stripe payment system. Your bank account information is needed so that you get paid when you complete your consultations. Deposits to your account are made within a few days of each appointment completion. Your bank account information is stored securely in the Stripe payment system. Only deposits are allowed to your account. No withdrawals are possible unless you authorize a refund. More on how Stripe secures your information is found here: Stripe Security

What if I am not happy with my online appointment?

Answer: Professionals always strive to provide their best service and appreciate good reviews. However, if you are not happy with the service, let the professional know where they can improve. The professional may decide to give you a refund of the session fee. Reviews are removed from the professional profile when a refund is made.

What languages are offered?

Answer: Currently Savante is available to English speakers. Other languages will be available as more professionals who can speak other languages sign up. Check the professional’s profile to see what languages they can speak.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

Answer for clients: If you are booking an appointment, it is best to choose a professional from your home country to avoid any time zone or language issue. However, you can choose to book an appointment with professionals from abroad. Just message them first to make sure they accept clients from abroad.
Answer for professionals: Depending on your occupation and your professional license, you may be permitted to practice only in your home state. For example, lawyers and doctors may only offer their services in states where they are licensed to practice. In that case, you can only accept clients who are from those states. Otherwise, if the service you offer has no geographical restriction, you can accept clients from anywhere in your country or even abroad.

What should I include in my professional profile?

Answer: State clearly your service offering: English Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Money Manager, Legal Advisor, etc. Explain how your expertise can help potential clients. Clients make a lot of decisions based on what they can see. Add some photos depicting your service. Photos look best if they are in landscape mode. You can include an avatar photo of yourself in the user profile section. Be sure to list your price per hour and availability for the online calendar. All prices are currently in USD only.

Is the Savante Platform available in my region?

Answer: The Savante platform is currently available to providers in about 45 countries that are served by the Stripe payment system. A list of eligible countries is found here: Stripe Global. If you live outside the available countries, you can still create a Wise bank account in the US or the UK and use this banking information to register with the Stripe payment system. Once paid, you can transfer funds from the Wise account to your local account.
Clients from over 100 countries are served by the Stripe payment system if they have an internationally recognized credit card.

My question is not listed here.

Answer: Send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.