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Khai Duong is the founder of, a new platform designed for professionals to consult with their clients via private online sessions. He has worked close to 20 years as an IT systems administrator and infrastructure engineer. A few years back he gave up his full-time position at a healthcare company in order to have a flexible schedule that allows him to work as an online IT consultant, live abroad, and pursue the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Savante Community!

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced people to stay at home and follow social distancing guidelines. Yet the need for people to see their doctor, lawyer or accountant has not changed. What the pandemic has done is change the way people get medical care and other consulting services.

People are finding they can get the help they need without having to leave the comfort of their home. And this convenient way of doing things will not change after the pandemic is over. It saves on time, travel and people are starting to see how easy it is. Searching and booking an appointment with a professional consultant will be as simple as shopping and purchasing something on Amazon. A big shift in the world of professional consulting is beginning to happen.

I worked with a team of web developers to create a unique platform for professionals and consultants to be able to assist their clients via private online sessions. The platform makes it easy for providers to list their consulting service, availability, location and price. Clients can quickly browse for the expert they would like to consult with. When clients book an appointment with a provider through the online calendar, a Zoom meeting is automatically generated then sent via email to both client and provider. On the day and time of the appointment, the Zoom meeting is started by clicking on the meeting link. Once done, providers and clients can leave a review for each other, and the provider is paid within a few days. Our aim is to make it easy for people seeking assistance from professionals to find the help they need.

We hope that the Savante Community will be the place people will go to see their doctor, lawyer, accountant, fitness instructor, life coach and many more. And we are inviting “Savants” from various professional fields to sign up and offer their consulting services to clients seeking assistance.

If you would like to get to know a little bit about my backstory, please check out my interview with Authority Magazine:

All the best to you and yours!

Khai Duong
Founder of